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Refine Your Health, Refine For Life.

About Refine Pharmaceuticals

Our mission is simple:

To remind each and every one of our clients of their individual power through education and on-site expert recommendations with regard to natural health remedies like medicinal hemp. Our CBD Certified Consultants will help you choose the medicinal that might work best for your unique lifestyle and health needs. Afterward, we will teach you how to adjust your medication in terms of strength, dosage, consumption methods, and more. That way, you will quickly get on track to the most effective CBD treatment and dosing customized just for you!

Our purpose is pure:

To teach our clients how to heal using medicinal hemp, because we know that if you know how, then you can achieve lifelong success. We call that health confidence! At Refine Pharmaceuticals, we work hard to help you pinpoint exactly which CBD products and doses are best for you. We offer hemp-derived medicinals that work consistently — ones that are safe, lab-tested, legal, and ready to go. We are ER physician experts that have done all the necessary research for you, so we are able to confidently offer trusted hemp products in one convenient CBD store.

That’s what we call refining your health — we’re here to help you refine your health for life.

Refine Pharmaceuticals is a plant-based health and wellness retail specialty store located in Houston, Texas. We strive to offer the very best hemp-derived, pesticide-free, heavy-metal free, organic, and carefully tested CBD products in plant-based oils, edibles, topicals, and crystal clear vaporizer forms. All of our medicinal hemp products are compliant with State of Texas and U.S. Federal Laws.