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How to Enjoy Cannabis Without Smoking It

Medical marijuna and cannabis based products have been proven to help a variety of symptoms, but for a while it was only by smoking cannabis that you could take advantage of these benefits. Now, so much research has been done surrounding CBD and the way that our body breaks it down and utilizes it that you can now enjoy these benefits without having to smoke it, but also without having to consume cannabis in its fullest form.


CBD is the part of the cannabis plant that provides the various benefits that people have discovered, which is why it is now being used in a wide spread of products. In fact, CBD can now be utilized in so many different ways, it’s very rarely that you hear of individuals smoking to enjoy the benefits. 

With that being said, the evolution and growth of the CBD industry has been quite significant, but there are still so many people that are unaware of the product options available that allow you to enjoy the benefits of CBD without having ever to smoke cannabis or stop into a pot-shop. That is why the team at Refine Pharmaceuticals is going to take today to go over a few of the most common ways that people are consuming CBD now. 


One of the most popular ways for people to start consuming CBD is through edible products. The best part about edible products is that there are so many options available that you can find something that you’re comfortable with. This is also a great way to mask the flavor of the CBD which, even though it’s not quite as intense as cannabis, is still noticeable.

With edibles, it’s always good to start with small amounts and wait it out a little. Edibles take some time to settle because of the time that it takes for them to work through the digestive system. So, don’t go crazy the first couple of times that you try edibles. Start out slow, and add as needed.


By far the most popular way that CBD products are consumed is through topicals. Again, the various benefits of CBD are still being discovered, but various industries have recognized these benefits as something worth investing in. That is why topicals are so incredibly popular. The beauty industry has a handful of oils and moisturizers with CBD included in them to help with moisture problems and acne. Aside from that, there are various ointments and lotions that are designed to help with muscle soreness, inflammation, and pain management. 


If you’re looking for concentrated CBD products, tinctures are definitely the way to go. A tincture is the extract of the cannabis plant that is then dissolved into an ethanol product. In most cases, the concentration is more than 50 percent of the product that you are enjoying. At times, concentration levels can be as high as 90 percent. With CBD tinctures, the product mixture is going to be a combination of CBD oil and organic coconut oil or hemp oil. When you’ve found a product you like, all you have to do is put a tiny drop underneath your tongue and let it absorb. After a minute or so, you can swallow the rest. 


When you’re looking at the various CBD products that are available, CBD oils are a product that you can use in a variety of ways. CBD oils have all of the benefits of CBD, but you have the freedom to choose how you use them. Whether you choose to include them in your meal, apply them directly to your skin, or consume them orally, you can take advantage of all the various benefits of CBD. If you’re just getting started with CBD or you’re looking to try new ways of using it, investing in a quality oil is totally worth it. 

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When CBD is an ingredient incorporated into a product, the product becomes all the more powerful. If you have been holding off on CBD based products because you were unaware of the various ways that you could enjoy these benefits, today is the day to find the product that you’re most intrigued by. 

Now that you know a little bit more about the various ways that you can enjoy the benefits of CBD, it’s time to browse the variety of of CBD products that we have available online. Whether you choose to use a dropper with the CBD oil and apply directly to your face or put a drop on your tongue and consume that way, you can make the most of the benefits associated with CBD, and that’s how a majority of our products are! 

Take a moment and browse the selection of CBD products that we have available, and place your order today!